A couple of friends from Chicago missed their flight home from Houston, so they spent the day protesting the "Fake Bean" there.

Have you ever missed a flight?

Luckily, I haven't but I did get a flight delayed. I spent the day hanging out at the airport. It was brutal.

A couple of guys from Chicago missed their plane home from Houston but they decided to do something constructive for the day.

According to wgntv.com,

"Two friends missed their flights back to Chicago, so they spent the day in Houston protesting their "Bean."

These gentlemen are not happy about the new sculpture being but up there. They believe it looks a lot like one we have in Chicago.

Now, here's the Chicago "Bean."

Laver Cup 2018 Chicago Launch
Getty Images for The Laver Cup

They sure do a lot alike.

Of course, the two angry men took their protest to Social Media. Here's the post on Instagram.

They are attempting to get the hashtag, #notmybean, to start trending.

There is a connection between the two works of art. They were created by the same artist, Anish Kapoor. The Chicago piece is called "Cloud Gate" and the Houston one is "Cloud Column."

The men said, "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything."

What do you think?


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