Today, students in Illinois and across the country performed a walkout in protest of gun laws that, they believe, should be changed in order to protect the lives of students nationally. It does seem like things have gotten worse since I graduated back in '05, but all of this started when I was in elementary school. I will never forget the news breaking from Columbine High School in Colorado. They too have not forgotten as you can see below.

That is what it looked like at schools across the country. Here you can see students in Parkland, FL, Auburn Hills, MI, and Philadelphia, PA all taking part.

Rockford students also got involved according to WREX.

RPS 205 students spoke to 13 WREX on Tuesday, saying they're speaking out because so many people no longer can because of gun violence...

"We're doing this so we can use our voices," says Rockford East Junior Simon Davis. "That's what it's about. Using our voices to be heard and hopefully make a difference."



Students in Chicago also joined in.

Some schools participated in the protest but not the walkout

The list goes on with more and more students, parents, and faculty taking part. Whether you agree with the message or not. You have to be proud of young Americans making their voices heard.

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