Today we took a quick quiz on 8th-grade-level American History, and let's just say it didn't end well for some.

How Well Do We Really Know American History?

The other day JB and I got into a discussion about 'Hamilton' the musical returning to Chicago this September and I discovered that JB has no clue what the show is about, (which is forgivable, as he's not a theater guy), but even worse, he has no clue who Alexander Hamilton was. (He knows he was a President, but that is it).

Alexander Hamilton
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After hearing that history debacle live on-air, Johnny V, (who can hear after 3 p.m. on Q98.5) issued a challenge: Is JB Love smarter than an 8th grader?

The answer, my friends, is no. JB Love is NOT smarter than an 8th-grade history student...and neither are most of the other people I work with.

Are YOU Smarter Than an 8th Grader?

Here are the five 8th-grade-level American History questions I asked people this morning. Do you know the answers?

  1. What was the name of the document that Abraham Lincoln wrote and later executed that freed the slaves in Confederate states? 
  2. During the War of 1812 who was the United States fighting against?
  3. In 1803 President Thomas Jefferson bought a large amount of land from the French. What was this event called?
  4. Who won World War II?
  5. Who killed Alexander Hamilton?

To be fair, I'm assuming most people in America aren't history buffs so recalling these answers might be a little tough, but here's how it went when I asked JB the questions live on-air. Enjoy! LOL!


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