It's official, 'Hamilton'  the musical is coming back to Chicago in September 2023, but there are a few important things you need to know before you go.

The 'Hamilton' Sensation

'Hamilton: An American Musical'  first opened in Chicago in September of 2016 and ran until it closed in January 2020, right before all the COVID s#@t hit the fan. Thousands of people fell in love and continue to RAVE about this show, and I am ashamed to admit I never got there to see it.

Yes, I know you can stream the original production of 'Hamilton' on Disney+, but as a theater lover, I am trying to save myself for the live thing, and soon I will get the chance!

'Hamilton' Is Returning to Chicago in September 2023

Yes, you read that right, the smash musical 'Hamilton' will once again be opening in Chicago on September 13, 2023, but a few things will be different about this new production run according to the Chicago Tribune;

  1. The Cast: While the songs and story will still be the same, this production will feature an entirely different cast from the original Chicago run.
  2. The Theatre: When 'Hamilton' first opened in Chicago in 2016, it did its entire run at CIBC Theatre which only has 1,800 seats. This go-round 'Hamilton' will be at the James M. Nederlander Theatre located at 24 W. Randolph St. which has 2,253 seats. (fingers crossed that this means tickets will be easier to get).
  3. The Length of the Run: While no one knows yet how long 'Hamilton' will run in Chicago this time, the Chicago Tribune reports; "Hamilton” has announced a booking beginning Jan. 30, 2024, in Atlanta, suggesting the Chicago stand will likely last into the first weeks of 2024".

Tickets for 'Hamilton' in Chicago

Since it looks like 'Hamilton' might only stick around in Chicago for a few months this time, we better jump on getting tickets ASAP!

Individual tickets are NOT on sale yet, but group tickets sales (10 people or more)  ARE. Get all the ticket info you need now at!

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