A cold-case group called The Case Breakers believes a message written on an old playing card proves that Jimmy Hoffa is actually buried under the old Milwaukee County Stadium in Wisconsin.

Who Was Jimmy Hoffa?

I'm assuming we've all heard the name Jimmy Hoffa before, but many people (including me) might not know about the mysteriousness that surrounded his life and disappearance in July of 1975.

Jimmy Hoffa
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Jimmy Hoffa was the leader of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) from 1957 until 1971 and spent the majority of his career involved in organized crime. A few of the crimes Hoffa was convicted of include jury tampering, attempted bribery, conspiracy, mail, and wire fraud, and most people believe he was murdered by the Mafia in 1975. Hoffa was officially declared dead on July 30, 1982, although his body has never been found.

Is Jimmy Hoffa Buried in Wisconsin?

I stumbled upon a post from BadgerlandLegends on Facebook that REALLY piqued my interest...

WHAT? Could Jimmy Hoffa really have been buried in Wisconsin without anyone knowing? The true-crime lover in me had to know more, and that's when things got really bizarre.

The Playing Card With a Secret Hoffa Message

A cold-case group called The Case Breakers was recently alerted to the existence of an Ace of Spades that contains a handwritten message that may just answer a decades-old question; where is Jimmy Hoffa?

A news release on The Case Breakers website says;

"a dying police sergeant’s scribbled instructions on an ace of spades" playing card helped lead their years-long investigation to the old site of Milwaukee County Stadium in Wisconsin.

According to The Case Breakers, this card allegedly contains the name "Hoffa", another crime boss's name, a rendezvous date, and a precise burial spot which they narrowed down to where the 3rd base was located at the old Milwaukee County Stadium.

Google Maps, Canva
Google Maps, Canva

Now, I'm not going to sit here and pretend I understand this whole twisted tale, (or if I actually believe it), but I can tell you it's a tale of a crooked cop, a deathbed confession, and a cadaver dog that believes it is true. Read it for yourself here and here...it's pretty fascinating!

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