If the weirdest boat you've ever seen was one with a wacky paint job or puntastic name, wait until you see this viral video of a Big Rig boat cruising down the Wisconsin River.

Only in Wisconsin

As an Illinois resident, I have to say there's something special about spending a summer day on the water in Wisconsin.

Maybe it's the abundance of Spotted Cow beer available in the area, or the fact that you aren't far from home but still feel like you're on vacation.  Most likely though,  it is because Wisconsin never ceases to serve up it's own kind of weird...and I don't mean weird in a bad way.

Have you seen the video going around of the semi truck boat on the Wisconsin River?

Apparently, some enterprising soul took a big rig, slapped some pontoons on it, and decided, "Hey, why not?" Honestly, the engineering on this thing is pretty impressive in a "hold my beer and watch this" kind of way.

Check out this video captured on the Wisconsin River on Father's Day by a man named Matt Claflin that has since went viral...

I have seen people anchor a box spring mattress in the middle of the lake before....I have witnessed brave souls floating down a river sitting on a picnic table attached to big plastic barrels...but I have NEVER seen a semi truck turned into a boat, and I am amazed by this creativity.

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