A nightmare type of fish that can survive on land and is often referred to as a "Frankenfish" is slowly slithering into Illinois and Wisconsin waters, and this is a VERY bad thing.

Illinois and Wisconsin Fisherman Beware!

A favorite summer pastime for many Midwest residents is fishing, and most of us have snagged a weird fish before that we took pics of and then tossed back...BUT, if you reel in something long, mean-looking, and snake-like with a jagged fin on its back on your next fishing adventure, kill it IMMEDIATELY!

Just this morning I saw this post come across my social media feed...

I think we can all agree that this fish is UGLY, but that's not the crime that has earned it a life sentence, its aggressive, invasive behavior is.

Northern Snakeheads are native to Easter Asia, but are being spotted and caught in alarmingly growing numbers in the Midwest, including Illinois and Wisconsin.

These fish are ugly, aggressive predators with a bottomless appetite that pose a dangerous threat to native species in our waters according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Invasive Species Information Center.  They gobble up everything from minnows to native fish species, leaving less food for the good guys.

Even worse, the northern snakehead fish can survive on land for up to 4 DAYS if they remain moist, and that is NOT something I ever want to see!

Where to Find Northern Snakehead Fish in Illinois and Wisconsin

Wildlife officials say northern snakehead fish prefer shallow, stagnant water likes ponds and streams, but have been found in lakes and rivers too, so if you're fishing from a riverbank or lake shore, stay on high alert!

Northern snakehead fish have no natural enemies in Illinois and Wisconsin waters, and they reproduce like crazy. One fish can lay 15,000 eggs at a time, and if we don't get rid of them they could, and will, push out and kill all the fish we love to catch.

The moral of this ugly fish tale is;  a dead snakehead is a good snakehead. It might seem extreme, but it's the best way to protect our waters for future generations, so don't forget a knife the next time you grab your fishing pole.

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