Back to school season has already begun in Illinois, and as you're busy getting your kids schedule and supplies ready, make sure you don't forget these 2 very important safety things.

Back to School Excitement

As a kid I loved the excitement of back to school season, and I still love it as a parent, but for a very different reason.

Yes, I love when the kids go back to school and I can finally get stuff done in the afternoons again, but I also love seeing my kids excited to meet their new teachers, buy their school supplies, etc.

Back to School

With all the hustle and bustle of going back to school and getting back into that routine, parents tend to overlook two very important things that could ultimately put our children in danger.

2 Important Things Illinois Parents Need to Remember When Kids Go Back to School

1. Don't Include Too Much Information in First Day of School Photos

The annual "1st Day of School' picture is an absolute must in our home, and of course I've got a cute sign for them to hold every year in the photo.

Here's my daughter Harper's first day pic from last year...

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Now, that sign may look simple, but even that discloses too much personal information that could put my entire family at risk.

Law enforcement agencies say there are 5 things you should NEVER include in your back-to-school pics if you intend to share the photos online...

  1. School name
  2. Child's age
  3. Teacher's name and grade
  4. Identifying features like height and weight
  5. "Overly personal" information that could be answers to online security questions like the child's favorite things, pet names, etc.

Law enforcement agencies also say you should never take your photos in an easily identifiable location like with your house numbers or school sign in the background.

2. Know the Illinois School Bus Laws

I'm really hoping we all know that a school bus with its stop sign and warning lights engaged is a non-negotiable must-stop, but there are a few instances when that must-stop rule does not apply.

Perhaps this information from the Rockford Police Department will help clear up your school bus stopping questions...

Here's to hoping all our kids have a safe, happy, and successful school season ahead!

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