During a conversation on The Steve Shannon Show, Police Chief Dan O'Shea, shared his feelings after all that happened surrounding Rockford's George Floyd march.

If you spent any time on social media this past weekend, you undoubtedly saw photos and videos of marches and protests across the country. The murder of George Floyd by a former Minneapolis police officer, is a gigantic reminder TO EVERYONE that our country is not well.

Going through my mind on this Monday (6/01/20) morning was how another opportunity for great conversation on injustice, is now shrouded by nonstop coverage of the criminal activity that 'appears' to surround all protests and marches in George's honor. After a difficult weekend for the city of Rockford, I had a different conversation the Chief O'Shea. I can't thank him enough, for taking the time to talk about the message that is getting blurred out.

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