There is so much you can do to show your support of the African American community and promote racial equality.

But sometimes all you need to do is post three simple words to an iconic billboard.

The Mars Cheese Station in Kenosha, Wisconsin is doing its part to show support.

Just below the Mars Cheese sign sits an electronic billboard that currently reads "I Can't Breathe."

Those were George Floyd's final words before dying at the hands of a police officer late last month in Minneapolis. Floyd's death sparked protests across the country including Rockford.

Co-owner of the Mars Cheese Castle, Michael Ventura spoke to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel regarding the sign saying the response has been "overwhelmingly positive" and the Mars Cheese Castle "couldn't stay silent on this one."

The Mars Cheese Castle, 2800 West Frontage Road in Kenosha, has been more than just a hotspot for their classic sandwiches, cheese curds, and other deli meats in recent days.

It's now an Instagram destination for those that support the cause.

The "I Can't Breathe" sign just outside of Mars Cheese Castle photo was taken by Matthew MacCarron and shared on his Instagram. Since then, it has appeared in countless news publications, including social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Reddit.

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