Forget Roswell, forget Area 51. In the heart of Wisconsin's cheese country, nestled between Sheboygan and Fond du Lac, lies a tiny town with a big claim to fame: the UFO capital of the world. (well, at least Wisconsin).

Some people believe that seeing unidentified lights in Dundee, Wisconsin is more common than a Friday night fish fry, but honestly, I'm not sure I believe that. (Or want to  because everything about space makes me very uncomfortable).

Fun Facts About Dundee, Wisconsin

Dundee is a small, unincorporated town located in Fond du Lac County in the Kettle Moraine State Forest.

Google Maps, Canva
Google Maps, Canva

Dundee Mountain serves as the town's official landmark, but most people in the area, and a lot of people throughout the state of Wisconsin, think of Dundee as the 'UFO Capital of the World'.

An article from Cult of Weird says;

Mysterious orbs of flashing lights and strange objects in the sky are not uncommon in the area, and have turned more than a few skeptics into believers.

Solidifying the town's claim of being a UFO hotspot is the fact that Dundee also has a "UFO Headquarters" in the form of a bar called Benson's Hide-A-Way.

I have never visited this bar personally, but I can tell you it goes all in on the alien vibe there.

Besides plenty of UFO/alien decor and inflatables, Benson's Hide-A-Way also has an infamous "alien in a jar" and is the best spot to watch for and report any UFO sightings.

Benson's also used to hold an annual "UFO Daze" event that people from all over Wisconsin and beyond would flock to each summer...

Dundee, Wisconsin may appear to have the UFO Capital title all locked up, but today I learned there are two other places in Wisconsin that claim that unique title too.

Other UFO Capitals in Wisconsin

A Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article says;

three towns — Belleville, Dundee and Elmwood — claim an extraterrestrial title: UFO Capital. While it may seem like a tourist gimmick today, the titles have roots in alleged sightings.

Belleville, Wisconsin's most famous UFO sighting happened in January of 1987, and its legitimacy even has police backing...

Elmwood, Wisconsin is another small town where strange UFO sightings have taking place, with the biggest one being reported in 1975 by. The town has a sign marking the spot where several UFOs have been seen, and the host an annual event called UFO Days the last weekend of July.

So, which Wisconsin town is truly the UFO Capital of the state? I guess you'll just have to visit all three and decide for yourself!

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