This has been an absolutely historic year. I don't need to run it all down for you as I'm sure you're already aware.

Up until late last night, I had no idea people were so upset a few months ago about not getting a haircut.

Sure, I wanted to get my hair cut too, but I've made peace with it and have since moved on.

Apparently people in Brookfield, Wisconsin wanted haircuts much more than I.

More than a thousand residents of Waukesha County stood shoulder-to-shoulder along Bluemound Road outside of Brookfield Square on April 18, without regard to federal social distancing guidelines that were established for the national health crisis.

That was the beginning of the movement to get Wisconsin's stay at home orders overturned.

By the middle of May, the order was overturned by a Wisconsin Supreme Court and life was to resume as normal in Wisconsin.

Fast forward to yesterday, while skimming through Reddit, I noticed this picture of a woman holding a sign reading:

Two months ago, 1,000 people marched here for haircuts. What about black lives?

gunterzwei on Reddit:

Good on this girl those folks need all the wake up they can get.

There was a peaceful Black Lives Matter rally in Brookfield earlier this week and according to, organizers for one scheduled for today, say they've felt a measure of support from some local residents."

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