Guns have been a national topic for awhile but seeing this reaction from thousands of active students is a first to my knowledge. Students across the state performed a "walk out" to protest gun violence in the country. The only question now is whether anyone will listen or not.

Here you can see students from Schaumburg High School walking out and protesting.

Here are the students at Oak Park River Forest High School protesting.

Now that the word is out that students, parents, and anyone with a heart and a brain wants something done. How do we accomplish the goal of keeping our kids safe?

Do we expand background checks? Do we make assault rifles like the AR-15 unavailable to the public? Do we allow teachers to arm themselves if they choose that path? Or do we try and outlaw guns altogether?

I don't know what the answer is, but like many others I know something must be done. This argument is going nowhere. The only people not talking about it are our representatives, but even they won't be able to hide from this topic for very long.

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