Residents of Illinois are getting more and more tickets for this single reason in the state. Here's how you can avoid being next.


Illinois residents with license plates usually get a notice in the mail to renew their stickers. But now, that is not happening. Drivers are simply getting tickets for expired stickers.


Last September, 2015, the Secretary of State reminded drivers that they would no longer get renewal notices in the mail.  Problem is, like me, most people haven't signed up on line and have not heard about the change. There will no longer be mail delivery of a license plate reminder. You have to sign up online to receive the reminder and info on renewing your license plates.

If you have not renewed your plates, you are not alone. According to ABC-7 Chicago, "Renewals in November were down 15 percent, and 23 percent in December. And drivers are getting tickets."

Due to budget problems in Illinois, this saving measure was necessary. "The state saves $450,000 per month, or more than $5 million a year. Secretary of State Office prefers to save the postage budget for essentials, like mailing stickers, titles and corporate documents" according to ABC 7 Chicago and the Secretary of State's website.

Worried about getting a ticket once you renew online and are waiting for the plate sticker to arrive in the mail? The Secretary of State's Office says if you renew online, print out your receipt, and put that receipt on your dashboard, you should not get a ticket.

Basically, it is now up to the owner of the car to stay current, or get fined. If you want to sign up for email notices, sign up at right now before you forget.

You will need your Registration Number and Pin before you can start. If you don't remember that or don't have one, you can call the Public Inquiry Division at 800-252-8980 to obtain your Registration ID and PIN number.

Otherwise, always look at your plates and make sure you go in person to your nearby "DMV" and pick up your sticker. That real is the easiest way to get all of this done.

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