Looking for work? It's closer than you think. Chicago and O'Hare Airport will need 5,000 new employees soon. Here's why. 


If your looking for construction work, and love to drive into the airport, you may be in luck. The city of Chicago has reached a deal with the Federal Aviation Administration, United and American Airlines on a $1.3 billion infrastructure plan for O’Hare Airport that includes a building a sixth runway. Not just any runway.

According to CBS Chicago, "The new runway is scheduled to be commissioned in 2020 and be 11,245-foot-long, 200-foot-wide, making it the second largest runway at O’Hare".

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Not only the runway, but other needed developments at the airport to bring O'Hare to the next level. After all, adding another runway will increase air traffic even more.

Apparently, the agreement should generate more than 5,000 jobs in construction and professional service jobs.

"Also, sound insulation work for eligible homes and schools in the new area will be completed before the new runway opens" according to CBS Chicago.

That's something you need to hear if you live nearby any airport.

Good luck getting in on the new positions.