Craft beer seems to be big business and a huge hit at the College of DuPage.

Should Rockford's Rock Valley College have a program like too?

Three years ago, according to WGN, the College o DuPage introduced a craft beer program.

Since then "the classes have been packed full" and the college noticed that it appears to be a proven success.

College of DuPage progam manager, Danielle Kuglin Seago, said "We have a number of folks who took classes and went off to have their own breweries and now we're able to take our students and help feed them employees to work at their breweries."

According to the college's website yes there will be time for beer tasting, but there's much more that goes into this course than just drinking craft beers. There are actually two different areas a student can pursue in the craft beer program. Entrepreneurship or Industry Professional.

According to the college website this is what is stated for someone considering taking the craft beer program: "Courses are taught by industry experts and include guest speakers and hands-on experiences at local breweries. There are two tracks within for students to choose from: Entrepreneurship or Industry Professional. Many of their alumni are currently working in the industry as either owners or professionals in a variety of roles. So while it's a novelty to take a college beer course, the need for industry professionals is real."

Would this go over well in Rockford?

It appears that almost everywhere you turn there's a new brewery or craft beer popping up and they never seem to be hurting for business.

I think it could be quite beneficial for Rock Valley and to Rockford.

What do you think?







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