When going through Algonquin, just an hour from Rockford, watch out for the rocks.

Don't let that scare you because you literally want to watch for these rocks because they're pretty cool.

.According to Atlas Obscura, a handful of of Algonquin residents painted rocks and hide them around the town last spring of 2017.

The rocks are pretty cool looking with everything from flowers to cute little critters painted on them and written on the underside are instructions of what the rock finders are to do with the rocks they find.

The rock finders are to "to snap photos, post them on the Algonquin Rocks Facebook page, and re-hide the rock for the next scavenger to uncover. If someone does find a rock they become particularly attached to, they’re allowed to keep it as long as they replace it with a new, original creation."

This is kind of cool. It's like a never ending scavenger hunt that takes on a different course every time a rock is found, moved or replaced.

According to their Facebook page, Algonquin Rocks, the "sole purpose of spreading joy, kindness, and a sense of community through creativity" with these beautifully painted rocks.

Just take a look at some of these.



This could be a fun thing to do with the kids this summer and why not bring some of those rocks here to Rockford and start a fun hunt here in the Forest city?

They said on their Facebook page that they "encourage you to take rocks to other towns, states or countries to hide and share. This is a kindness project, and kindness has no boundaries!"



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