Who says slides are just for kids?

Remember when you were little and one of life's greatest thrills was going down a really tall slide? Then you grew up and now the next best thing was like an escalator. Why'd we stop having fun on slides as we grew up?

Well, in the Rockford Register Star building, that fun remains. Although the slide wasn't originally put in the building for fun purposes, it's been used to have some fun throughout the years.

But first things first - if you're confused - yes, there is a slide inside the Rockford Register Star building. Trust me, it blew my mind as well. When I was at the RRSTAR the other day, someone mentioned the slide. They said that when it was an employee's last day, they would go down the slide as sort of a celebration.

It's not just a small slide either. The slide is FIVE STORIES tall!

RRSTAR details -

The Art Deco-style News Tower was built in 1930. The emergency chute leads from the eighth floor to the third, and decades ago you could walk across the roof to a fire escape that led to the courtyard. However, the courtyard was filled in by a 1988 addition to the building, and the chute was no longer a viable path to the ground.


Jeff Tilly worked there for 25 years and this was a great way to celebrate his leaving the building.

You can read more about the history of the slide here.

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