My obsession for the past few months has been the live feed of what's happening on top of the Rockford Register Star building. Louise the falcon and her man Lil Kool have had 3 babies hatch and they are growing bigger and bigger by the day. I've been hooked to this live feed even since the eggs were laid.

So now that they've hatched, they need names so we can properly address them like we do Louise and Lil Kool.

So what are the official names? Well, there are 2 boys and one girl. The boys are named in memory of Chuck Sweeney and to celebrate Rockford's basketball star Fred VanVleet. AKA 'Sweeney' and 'Freddie VanTweet'. The baby girl is named 'Peaches' after the Rockford Peaches.

Here they are getting banded and measured -

Aren't they adorable? So now they're all tagged and ready to take their first flight. To watch the live feed you can head here.

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