Winnebago and Boone County both agree that this apple is the best apple.

Is it your favorite too?

The Rockford Register Star shares that although nationwide the Gala apple is the top apple, here in Winnebago and Boone counties the Honeycrisp apple is the bomb.

In fact, "the best-selling apples" for both counties, according to the local orchards, "are Honeycrisp, Gala, Zestar, Golden Delicious, Jonagold, Snow Sweet and Crimson Crisp."

Mmm... Honeycrisp! I couldn't agree more about that being the #1 apple.

It's interesting that as a country Honeycrisp isn't the "Big Apple".

According to the "U.S. Apple Association’s 2018 forecast [it] ranks" Gala as number one, followed by Red Delicious in the number two slot, "Granny Smith in third place, with Fuji apples and Honeycrisp taking the fourth and fifth spots, respectively."

One of the reasons that Honeycrisp will most likely never reached the number one spot for the Nation's best and favorite apple is that "Honeycrisp trees must be nursed “like a sick child” and are prone to calcium deficiencies and other disorders. Financially, the easier-to-grow tree wins out for the large commercial producers that stock grocery stores throughout the country."

Oh well, that makes sense. Now I see why they're more expensive than other the apples you see in the stores too.

Maybe, they'll come up with a hardier variety of Honeycrisp that aren't as finicky and higher in maintainingand they will earn their spot on top nationwide.

Hey! It could happen.

For now I'll just enjoy getting them at Curran's, Edwards, Valley or any of our terrific and tasty local orchards.



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