A few weeks ago it was announced that some Winnebago County Residents would soon be charged more than they'd like for yard waste removal services by Rock River Disposal. The affected residents were not happy about this and made it known on social media.

The reason, as first shared on this site, is related to the same reason many other companies in various industries have made changes of late.

Rock River Disposal was forced to make this decision due to "increased costs and labor shortages."


If residents in Rockford Township, Cherry Valley Township, or other unincorporated parts of Winnebago County want to get rid of yard waste it will cost hundreds of dollars a year. If these folks can't come up with a plan to get rid of it themselves (like burning) they will need to subscribe to an annual service of $250. That's not exactly cheap for many families. It also seems like a ludicrous amount.

Negotiations between the Winnebago County Board and Rock River Disposal end in an agreement for a lower price.

Sometimes to make changes you have to meet and have civil conversations in you want to reach a deal. This is true in many aspects of life including business. This is the case for Winnebago County Board Chairman Joe Chiarelli and Board Member Kevin McCarthy. According to the City of Rockford, the two negotiated a deal with Rock River Disposal to get the annual subscription lowered to $175.

Customers that have already signed up for the subscription have been notified that the fee increase goes into effect on August 3, 2022.

Because of the timing of the season, the $175 will be prorated for current subscribers, according to Winnebago County officials.

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