I AM SO HAPPY. I wish I could explain why I love Louise the falcon so much, but I can't. I've spent many mornings having her in the background while I work. I feel like I know her. I think she's incredibly entertaining and interesting to watch. And you might too, especially during quarantine.

Last year we got to see some really exciting stuff when Louise had THREE babies. We even got to help name them as a city. Look how adorable they were -

So as of right now, it's just Louise. Her babies and her man have either flown away or unfortunately passed away. But it's a whole new year and Louise is back.

So cure your boredom by watching a live stream of a falcon because at this point why not? You've watched your entire Netflix watchlist.

Shoutout to Sinnissippi Audubon Society for letting us know the camera was back up for the Spring!

So the camera is back and according to them -

Louise is back! Still waiting for a male. Don’t forget to watch our Nest camera. I should add, she never left. She overwinters here. The camera is just back on and this was her first appearance on it the other day.

So give my girl a watch and wait for her to find a man. It's like falcon bachelor. Kind of.

Watch Louise live HERE. She might not always be on her perch, but she's worth the wait. It's also just an awesome view of Rockford.

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