Last night when watching the news I found out about an awesome organization whose goal is to make sure that all kids get a birthday party.

In fact their motto on their website states "We believe that children, no matter their circumstances, should be honored, and made to feel special on the one day of the year that belongs just to them."

This non-profit organization, known as Rosie's Birthday Club,  which "works directly with children who attend organized programs: The Boys and Girls Clubs, Northwest Community Center, Rescue Mission Women’s and Children’s Shelter, ROCKHOUSE Kids, and Shelter Care Ministries."

The make that every kid feels special with their special birthday parties. "The room is full of party balloons and colorful tablecloths. We always bring birthday candy, and play lots of games. The games vary depending on the location, but the games are always something active for the kids. Face painting has become very popular at our parties, along with piñatas and “Minute to Win It” games. After the games we always sing “Happy Birthday” to the entire group, and then they open presents and have their cake and open presents."

At this time the Club is unable to hold individual requests for birthday parties.  They do have plans to expand their celebrations: With over 40 percent of children in this community living in poverty, they know there are many more children to celebrate. The only way they can do this is by support from donors and volunteers.

Wow! That is really neat. I had no idea there was even such an organization like that here in Rockford. Well, that is until I saw WIFR broadcasting from a fundraiser last night. (see below) Which I found out this morning Steve Summers was a part of.

To learn more about Rosie's Birthday Club, click here.