Enough! This is getting ridiculous, another "Creepy Clown Warning" has been issued by local authorities.At this point, we need to assume that for better or worse this creepy clown phenomena will be with us here in the Stateline and around the country though Halloween.

Today, yet another advisory was issued by the Roscoe police Department who posted on their Facebook page:


On October 4, 2016 the Roscoe Police Department took a report of a suspicious incident/threat put out on the social media platform Instagram towards Roscoe school district students. The threat was from user siggy.the.clown with a photograph of a clown stating: Im coming for you students located in the Roscoe School District…watch out. Another post claims of a sighting in Roscoe. There has been no sighting reported to the Roscoe Police Department, and there is no credible information that anyone is in danger.

The police department has been in contact with the school district, as always we will work closely with them in regards to school safety. These posts have been circulating all across the country. As you would in any circumstance involving your children advise them not to speak with strangers and to report suspicious incidents to police.


There is now a name given to this creepy clown trend, the DeKalb Police Department refers to this trend as "Clowning".

Some individuals have reported locally in unconfirmed reports that these clowns have been armed with knives and machetes. Joke or no joke, police departments in the Stateline and all across the are taking these gags or threats seriously. This trend is wasting valuable resources of our law enforcement communities. Enough!

Personally, I think this is getting blown out of proportion. This phenomena was started by some goofballs and people are giving this way too much attention and hence it is spreading for that very reason.

One Rockford elementary school today has asked their students not to discuss clowns at school or on the bus. Police are going on record and are discouraging any “clowning” activities.

Let's hope this clowning phenomenon passes, so we can move onto giant attack turkeys for Thanksgiving. (You heard it here first)





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