The last 24 hours have been very tense in DeKalb and Sycamore after a man was murdered on Thursday night in DeKalb.

(Updated at 3:49pm)

A Sycamore woman is lashing out on social media this morning, to complain that Sycamore Police raided her apartment while police were searching for suspects involved in a shooting that occurred in an apartment complex on Kimberly Drive in DeKalb late Thursday night

The DeKalb Police Department issued the following statement on social media on Friday

On October 6th, 2016 at 10:29 pm, the DeKalb Police responded to a multi-unit apartment complex at 810 Kimberly Dr regarding a person being shot. The subsequent police response confirmed a male was shot at the scene, transported to the hospital, and succumbed to his injuries. Within a short period of time Sheriff’s Police located the vehicle the offender(s) had fled the scene in at Peace and Freed Roads near Sycamore. Two persons of interest were detained, two firearms were recovered, and two other subjects fled on foot and remain at large. At present there is no information indicating that anyone in the City of DeKalb remains at risk regarding this incident, however police are still actively searching for the subjects who fled on foot as parties associated with or witnessing this crime. The investigation remains active, the safety of our community is a priority, and additional information will be forthcoming.


Police made their way to Sycamore to follow a lead. The information took them to De'Ana Brown's apartment in Sycamore where this video was captured by a member of the public.

Unconfirmed reports indicate the presence of Illinois State Police, DeKalb Police and Sycamore Police at the Sycamore residence at the time of the raid. Audio on police radio can be heard saying that they do not believe the subject in the apartment was involved. A voice says: "There appears to be a miscommunication"

The resident of the apartment was not too happy and posted this statement on Facebook

Video of Police Raiding the Wrong Home in Sycamore After DeKalb Murder, Sycamore Woman Complains
via Facebook


Brown later said:

I gave them permission to search my house after they made us all evacuate at gun point. They act like they didnt believe me when I said no one else was in my house. We complied to everything they asked us to do then they apologized and left.

Video of Police Raiding the Wrong Home in Sycamore After DeKalb Murder, Sycamore Woman Complains
Sycamore Police Chief Glenn Theriault

Sycamore Police Chief Glenn Theriault reached out to me this afternoon and said that while conducting a manhunt using canine units, police came upon a subject who resembled the description of one of the individuals matching the description. Chief Therialt says that no one was harmed in the search of the Sycamore home and that Ms Brown's accounting of the events is incorrect.

Ms Brown indicates that she did consent to the search.

Police work is not an easy task, but mistakes do happen, and unfortunately innocent people are often brought into the mix.

Let's hope police can obtain accurate information and capture the suspects involved in this DeKalb murder.

Needless to say, DeKalb is becoming an increasingly dangerous town.

(UPDATE 3:49 pm)

The DeKalb Police Department issued a statement indicating that arrests have been made in the DeKalb Shooting,

Police have arrested:

David T. Walls - 18 years of age, Chicago IL
Niko L. Griggs - 27 years of age, Park Forest IL

More details HERE



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