DeKalb Police Officer Goes Above and Beyond the Call of Duty To Help A Man in Need
Officer Jeff Winters DeKalb Police Dept Photo

In this day and age of conflict between some members of the public and police, its great to hear a story of how one DeKalb Police Officer went well above and beyond the call of duty to help a man in need.

News coverage is filled with negative stories of police officers, so many of the positive stories of police going out of their way to help members of the public gets buried in the headlines or never reported.This one, definitely deserves a headline.

this past week, a citizen witnessed a good deed performed by DeKalb Police Officer Jeff Winters. The citizen said that Officer winters encountered a man who was down on his luck on a very hot day, and did something very special.

DeKalb Police Officer Goes Above and Beyond the Call of Duty To Help A Man in Need
DeKalb Police Photo

Last time I checked, I don't believe this part of Officer Winters' official duties. He did this on his own and went well above the call of duty.

The DeKalb Police Department says that Officer Winters not only bought him breakfast, but bought him a duffel bag, travel pillows and bug spray....out of his own pocket.

Officer Winters daughter, Courtney told me that her dad:

...sees the worst of people day in and day out. Criminals, robberies, abusive relationships, people locked out of cars, and so many more crazy and stressful situations, and yet society continues to hate policemen who risk their lives everyday. In a world full of hate he always came home with stories of helping homeless people, and little girls who's parents were or in jail for the night. He doesn't get the recognition he deserves

Officer Winters says:

As I tell those I come across and help almost everyone like this say "You didn't have to do this". I always tell them I know I don't. I simply tell them God has blessed me and provided me with a good job for me and my family, I have plenty and it's my job to help those in need as if I would want someone to do for me if I were in your shoes. Keep your head up, pray to God and things will get better.

We need more people like Officer Winters in this world. Courtney, you have an awesome dad. Please thank him for all of us!

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