If you see this picture, do not click on it.

Social media can often be used for good purposes, especially when it comes to helping friends and neighbors finding loved ones, unfortunately, some people use it for intentional harm.

DeKalb Police have issued a strong warning about "missing person" hoax. This is one link you do NOT want to click on if it comes your way via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

The hoax involves a fictitious person named 'Kitty Collins'. DeKalb Police are warning that this missing person alert is a HOAX. According the the DPD:

THIS IS A HOAX and a virus may be attached to this link. It may also lead you to a website where your personal or financial information could be stolen.


We do not have a report of a Kitty Collins missing from this department. "Kitty Collins" also appears to be a missing person in other communities that have different pictures attached to her name.


A red flag is the wording of "dekalb" which should be spelled DeKalb. As with anything on the internet, don't be so quick to click on a link, especially if you do not know the origins of the information. Always use your judgement and consider the source.

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