A homeless man in Rockford steals a woman's wallet after she paid for his meal.

A story like this one really makes me sad. Here's a person trying to do something good and they get screwed over. It's no wonder people are afraid to help in a similar situation.

According to my stateline.com,

"A homeless man is under arrest after police say he stole the wallet of a McDonald’s employee who had just paid for his meal. He came in that morning and did not have enough money to pay for his meal. The employee then paid for it herself. The worker said she must have left her wallet on the counter, and when the suspect left the store, a customer told her that he’d taken it."

"A short time later, a charge was made on the victim’s credit card at a tobacco store. He was later stopped by Police and they were able to identify him as the suspect using video surveillance footage."

Hopefully, he spends some time in jail to think about what he did.

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