Halloween pranks aren't the only things scary during the Halloween season. The phone call you get, could be just as scary and this call could cost you.Not quite something out a horror movie, but if you fall for this scam your bank account balance could significantly shrink.

Imagine getting a call from someone telling you that he is your grandson and he's been arrested. He goes on to tell you that he needs money for bail and does not want his parents or other relatives to know about his arrest. The caller goes on to explain that in order to get out of jail, he will need one of the following:

  • Your credit card number
  • Send a Money Gram
  • Send a Western Union check

This scam is targeted at older folks who may be grandparents and relies on the fact that some grandparents might not recall the names of their grand kids.

In some cases, the scammer might actually know the names of the grandchildren, which often will fool the individual called into sending the money.

This scam targets the elderly and police say the scammers can sound very convincing. Never, ever, give your credit card or personal information to anyone, especially with to someone on the phone who called you.

If you get a call like this, you are urged to call police. Also, many elderly individuals do not utilize the internet and social media, so it is advised that family members sit down and have a conversation with their elderly parents or grandparents about this and scams similar to this.









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