If you get a call from someone who says they are representing the Illinois State Police and are looking for donation for families of fallen officers, hang up the phone immediately.

Once again, phones are ringing around Illinois with callers claiming to represent the Illinois State police. The voice on the phone is asking you to make a donation for families of officers who have died in the line of duty.

Illinois State Police Issue A Scam Alert
Illinois State Police Photo

Sounds like a worthy cause, right? But, this is a scam. In a press release issued this week by the Illinois State Police, officials are warning Illinois residents that the department does not solicit donations. The caller(s) will ask for money, and often, will threaten the person who answers the phone and become very "pushy."

Police say that the phone number most often associated with the fraudulent calls is (312) 789-5176. but scammers do can easily alter their numbers on caller ID.

If you receive one of these calls HANG UP, and don't give out any information! You can also report the call to the Illinois Attorney General by calling (800) 243-0618 to report the incident to the Office of the Illinois Attorney General.

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