The last thing you would want on a hot day like today ,with your air conditioner cranking, is to have your electric turned off.  If you are behind on your electric bill, after what was a relatively hot summer, that is always a possibility, however, be on the lookout for phone calls from ComEd.

These phone calls are scams. We are hearing reports from many people in the Rockford Area who are 'supposedly' receiving a call today from ComEd. The voice on the other end instructs you to call a '1-888' phone number to pay your bill. The caller tells you that if you don't your electricity will shut off right away

If you get this call, hang up. How do we know? ComEd will never call you if you are behind on your electric bill. ComEd, like the government, will notify you in writing in by mail. Do not call the number! It could be an attempt to get money out of you, or even worse, steal  your personal information.

These scammers are taking advantage of today's hot weather to try to profit off you.

If you have any questions, contact ComEd directly.

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