Sycamore police department is looking for your help in finding a man allegedly responsible for retail theft in Sycamore.

The Sycamore Police Department issued an alert for a man that is wanted for a retail theft investigation.

In the photos provided by the police department, the man who has yet to be identified can be seen holding a large package of toilet paper. It is not known if the man actually stole the toilet paper  It appears to be Angel Soft toilet paper in 24 value pack.

We don't know what the man had for lunch on the day these photos were taken, but when a man's gotta go, he's gotta go. This guy appears to be in a "sh--ty" situation.

Police also released these pictures of the wanted subject.

Sycamore Police Dept photo
Sycamore PD Photo

Police have not indicated if the subject stole other items in addition to the toilet paper or where in Sycamore the theft took place. If you recognize the subject of this toilet paper caper, please contact the Sycamore Police Department at (815) 895-2123.