Earlier today, there were a number of reports of an unknown woman talking with kids at a park in Roscoe that caused concern over social media. Roscoe Police were called in to investigate.

In this day you can never be too careful when you observe a situation like this.  Leland park is located in the 5800 block of Broad Street and according to Roscoe Police, in addition to social media postings, the department also received a few calls from residents.

The woman, who had a dog, was observed talking to a number of children at the park.

Police say:

We have received a few phone calls and have seen posts regarding a woman speaking to kids at Leland Park. We have met with and spoken with the woman who was at the park playing with her dog. We have investigated the incident thoroughly. In this incident, we do not feel there is any danger to the public.

Whew! No foul play here.

It's always a good idea to be vigilant if you see something that see is out of place. As the weather warms up and kids are outside more and more, it's a good time for parents to remind their children  to never talk to strangers and to report suspicious activity to their parents and to have their parents report it to police


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