We've all been there, walking down the aisle of wine reading all the different kinds and flavorings and we pick one only to get home to enjoy a glass and it tastes awful.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could sample it first before buying it? There's wine vending machine to help you with your purchase.

DNA Info reports that Paired Wine on Halsted in Chicago, recently installed wine dispensing vending machines. The machines offer "customers 3-ounce samples and provide customized advice on which pairs best with their next meal."

So basically you get to taste it before buying to know if it's really good or one you'd rather just leave on the shelf.

Face it there's nothing worse than buying an expensive wine that you don't like. You paid good money for it. I mean you don't want to throw it out. Now with these wine dispensing machines you can cut down on those failed purchases.

Now that really makes sense.

The down side to these machines is that they're not cheap. They cost "roughly $25,000 each". Ouch that's expensive.

It would be cool to see these in Rockford. Wouldn't it? I could see this at Rockford's City Market couldn't you?