If your resolution was to get fit and lose weight this year, but are saddened at the thought that you'll have to say goodbye to drinking, well that might not be entirely true.

Studies are showing that drinking tequila could actually help you in your weight loss.

Good Housing Keeping posted a study through the American Chemical Society that found a link between tequila and weight loss.

Apparently, "sugars, agavins, found in the agave plant that makes tequila can help lower your blood sugar. The sugars, agavins, are non-digestible, so they won't raise your blood sugar."

They tested this with mice by adding agavins to their water after they ate a standard diet and found that the mice wound up "eating less overall and had lower blood sugar levels than the mice who hadn't consumed agavins."

They also found that the mice that had the agavin laced water "produced a hormone called GLP-1, which keeps the stomach full longer and produces insulin. This leads "researchers to believe that agavins could be beneficial for people with type 2 diabetes or struggling with weight-loss issues."

Wow! Who'd have thought that was possible?

I mean obviously you won't lose weight drinking tequila based margaritas but having a round of tequila shots won't hurt you.

Just remember I said a round of shots, not rounds of shot after shot. If you do the later, that will most definitely hurt you in more ways than one. Ay! Carumba!


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