The Spice Girls once said, 'all around the world, Spice up your life!' Maybe they were talking about drinking Tenogila. 

They probably weren't... as Tenogila wasn't around in the 90s and also isn't actually spicy, but you get my drift, 2020 has been a drag but maybe you can end it with something fun like Tenogila. 

So the Wisconsin man who wants you to drink Tenogila, he's my uncle. Uncle Anthony, and he's behind the holiday drink of tequila and eggnog, along with my cousins and their spouses.

It's been a dream of theirs to really take Tenogila to the big leagues... you know liquor stores... and this year things are going pretty well, so now they need your help.

If you have a free moment, and by moment I mean like literally 60 seconds, head to and let them know what you really think of mixing tequila and eggnog.

Be honest, because honesty is the best policy and because lying is dumb. But if you're bored right now just stop on over and check it out because this Wisconsin man has been working hard to figure out if Tenogila is really the new Rumchata.

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