The Hanson family of Marengo was featured on the 2023 season finale of ABC's The Great Christmas Light Fight, and it may be the best holiday light show you'll see in Illinois this year.

Channeling Your Inner Griswold for Christmas

When it comes to outdoor decorating for the holidays, there are three kinds of people;

  1. The Grinches that don't decorate at all.
  2. The "I'll-throw-some-things-up-so-I-don't-look-like-a-Grinch" people that do a very sloppy or small display.
  3. The "Channeling-my-inner-Griswold' people that put a lot of time, money, and work into creating an over-the-top lights display for others to drive by and enjoy.

My outdoor Christmas decorations would not likely get the Clark Griswold stamp of approval, but they are not sloppy, and we do have quite a few lights.

Illinois' Best Holiday Light Show

One of my family's favorite holiday traditions is going on "light drives" where we hop in the van in our comfies, armed with hot chocolate and Christmas tunes to look at all the beautiful light displays in our area. Sometimes our light drives keep us close to home, and sometimes we like to take the adventure a little further. This year we need to add a new destination to our itinerary; The Hanson Barn in Marengo, Illinois.

The Hanson Barn Christmas Lightshow

Whenever I see holiday light displays with synchronized lights and music, my mind is blown by the creativity and intelligence it takes to create a display like that.

The Hanson family of Marengo began turning their farm into a must-see Christmas spectacular three years ago, and it keeps getting better every year!

The Hanson family does such an awesome job with their light show that they caught the eye of ABC and were featured in this holiday season's finale of 'The Great Christmas Light Fight"!

The Hanson Barn doesn't just put their awesome light skills on display for the Christmas season, they've done it for Halloween...

and even during the summer!

You still have time to take a drive to Marengo to catch a show at the Hanson Barn this Christmas, the light show will be running every night from 6 to 8 p.m. at 5107 Thorne Rd. in Marengo, Illinois. I think my family will go check it out tonight!

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