A new thrilling ride called Flyover is now open at Navy Pier, and it's "exhilarating immersive journey connects you with Chicago like never before."

Experiencing the Best of Chicago

I've been to Chicago many times in my life, and no matter how many times I've visited city, there is always something new and exciting to see.

Tourists Clamor For A View From The Top Of The Sears Tower
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I've been to the museums, I've eaten at the restaurants, I've done LOTS of shopping, I've seen many theatre shows, but the two places I have shockingly never experienced are ones the city is most known for: the Shedd Aquarium and Navy Pier.

New Flyover Ride at Chicago's Navy Pier

As it is most years, a visit to Chicago's Shedd Aquarium is on the top of my family's summer fun to-do list, but now I think we need to add a stop at Navy Pier to the list too. Here's why...

Flyover is an immersive delight for all of your senses and will deliver the best of Chicago in a way you have NEVER seen it before.

Soar over skyscrapers and into the heart of the city aboard our signature experience, Believe Chicago. Motion seats, scents, mists and music work together to capture the feeling of flight as you explore Chicago from above. It’s an entirely new way to experience the majesty of our city.


My Flyover Experience

While I haven't taken a Flyover in Chicago yet, my family did Take Flight in the Wisconsin Dells a few weeks ago, which is a very similar experience. As a person who is quite terrified of heights I will admit that this type of "flying" experience is more thrilling than it is terrifying.

Did the ride have me screaming at times? 100 percent. (it feels sooo real). Did it make my stomach do some loops? Absolutely. Did it have me exclaim "wow" and want to do it again? Absolutely 100 percent.

To buy tickets to Flyover Chicago, click here.

To plan more fun things to do, see, and eat while you're at Navy Pier, click here.

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