The most famous pothole in all of Illinois has been removed, and now thousands of people want to know why.

The Chicago 'Rat Hole'

Remember back in the beginning of 2024 when everyone was fascinated by a weirdly disturbing rat hole found in the sidewalk of one Chicago neighborhood?

This "Rat Hole", (which is actually probably a "
squirrel hole

It has received a shrine adorned with very weird stuff...

People have gotten engaged and married by even has its own landmark sign and merchandise for sale.

With all the quirky attention the Chicago Rat Hole has received in the last 4 months, I was shocked to learn this morning that it has been REMOVED by the city!

Now I want some answers as to why!

Why Did Chicago Get Rid of the Rat Hole?

According to Block Club Chicago;

Officials removed the rat hole due to complaints about the hole from neighbors.

They inspected [the sidewalk piece] and made a determination that it warranted the replacement of the sidewalk square.

So, is the Rat Hole gone forever now? Short answer is, no.

Crews removed and successfully preserved the square of sidewalk containing the famous “Chicago rat hole” and are storing it temporarily while its future location is determined.

Block Club Chicago's article also says that the Chicago Department of Transportation will be the ones determining the Rat Hole's fate. Should it be on display in the Field Museum? The Art Institute of Chicago? Museum of Science and Industry? I think all three would be a great permanent resting place for the Rat Hole.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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