A rat-sized hole in the sidewalk of one Chicago, Illinois sidewalk has taken the internet by storm, but it turns out it might not be a rat after all.

Chicago's Famous Rat Hole

Chicago Rat Hole

I agree that a hole shaped like a rat is definitely something you don't see everyday, but what people are doing, I should probably say leaving, by Chicago's Rat Hole literally had me laughing out loud.

The Chicago Rat Hole Shrine

First off, you should probably know that the "rat" has been affectionately named "Chimley" and that a shrine has been erected in his honor with more items being added to it every day. LOL!

Not only has the rat been given in a name, but "he" has officially been christened as a Chicagoan with a shot of Malort too...

@marshian_rover A Malort offering to the rat hole #malort #rathole #chicago #roscoevillage #roscoevillagechicago ♬ original sound - Marshian

 Chimley's shrine contains a whole bunch of weird things like cigarettes, beer, a Taco Bell Burrito, money...even condoms!

@marshian_rover Day 5. We should make a rat hole drink or shot, with Malort of course. Add your ideas below. #rathole#malort#chicago#roscoevillage#roscoevillagechicago @Winslow Dumaine @Unemployed Wine Guy @like•a•ble cocktails ♬ original sound - Marshian


Just when you thought things couldn't get even weirder than a famous Rat Hole, you find out that this "rat hole" might not be from an actual rat after all.


3 Signs The Chicago Rat Hole Wasn't Made by A Rat

I must thank NBC Chicago for completely blowing my mind when they share this interview with the the Director of the Urban Wildlife Institute, Lincoln Park Zoo's  Dr. Seth Magle, who provided three reasons why the famous sidewalk hole couldn't have been made by a rat...    

So...what do you think? Do we need to start calling it the Famous Chicago Squirrel Hole now? It just doesn't sound as cool.

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