Ladies it's time to admit it.

We  have a love hate relationship with our high heels. They look great on us and make our legs look awesome, but they are a literal pain to wear.

However, if you'd like get help. Those are the best weapon we have to make that happen.Yep, those heels are our secret weapon to getting guys to help us carry things, pick up things we drop and the like.

This comes according to the French study at the University of Bretagne.

Author Nicholas Gueguen, found that men will spend three to four minutes longer helping a women wearing heels than when she's wearing flats.

He also, tested to see how men would react if she dropped a glove or other personal items. Again , if the woman was wearing heels they were more likely, by 93% , to return the item to her over the lady wearing flats.

Men were also quicker to approach females in a bar wearing heels than those who didn't.

So ladies as much as we hate wearing those heels at times, if we need to get some things done right away, I guess we need to wear them.

On the hand, if we want to be left alone wear those cute ballerina flats.