Dear Karens of Illinois, it looks like we all owe you an apology.


The whole "Karen" thing dates back to a joke posted to Reddit back in 2014 but didn't catch on until a few years later. Then, in 2020, the Karen phenomenon exploded.


Not all Karens are bad, we know this, and a recent study will prove that. However, Karen, you aren't out of the woods just yet even though you're close to the top. Men, on the other hand, you need to chill. It is the males who are responsible for the most complaining online.


A story shared by the New York Post reports men are more likely to complain online compared to women, substantially more likely.

Overall men are 131 percent more likely to make an online complaint compared to women. - New York Post

After thinking about this, it makes sense. Hop on Facebook and look for posted news stories and check out the reactions. If it pertains to politics, medicine, crime, race, or LGBTQ+, look at who is using the laughing emoji. I am confident in saying it is at least four times more men than women. As a man, it's disgusting and makes the male species look like careless, self-centered idiots.


This study is based on online reviews like TripAdvisor and Karens, you're not the worst. In fact, "Sarah" is the top female name in the worst reviews category. (Karen is #2 for women.)

Here's the list:

  • #10. Sarah
  • #9. Peter
  • #8. Andrew
  • #7. Michael
  • #6. James
  • #5. Chris
  • #4. Mark
  • #3. John
  • #2. Paul


If this is your name, don't shoot the messenger. This is based on the MRQ study. It's "Davids" that left the worst reviews.


David clocked up the highest with more than 1,000 one star reviews issued. - New York Post

Calm down, Dave. Everything is going to be ok. (Also, did you notice all the biblical names on the list?)

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