Does it seem like anyone using the internet is never happy? This is evident if you scroll through reviews on Google, Yelp, or whatever. Soo many people run to leave a complaint or bad review online that I almost think some of the positive comments are somehow fake.

This isn't only a matter involving review sites, people will complain in an email too. Someone replied to a Rockford boutique's newsletter with a comment that might be a bit of a stretch.

Rockford Art Deli
Rockford Art Deli via Facebook

Rockford Art Deli has become a well-known brand in Northern Illinois over the last several years. Their #freeprintday has become a much-anticipated event throughout the year. The materials RAD uses for their merchandise are high quality, their clothing is super comfortable, and they sell something for everyone. Not only does the Rockford area love the store, but people all over the country with ties to the area also support the shop too.

Like many businesses, local and national, the print shop sends out newsletters. These newsletters almost always require consumers to be willing to sign up to receive them, this is especially the case for RAD. They're not just spamming it up, instead, there's info related to promotions, new products, store events, etc. Apparently, someone forgot they signed up for these and sent a response to a recent Rockford Art Deli newsletter. Their complaint was scathing, to say the least.

Rockford Art Deli
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"Propaganda b-------"

I've looked over pretty much every newsletter I've received from RAD and it hasn't once led to a negative thought or reaction. This is not the case for whoever commented with this:

I don't see how to unsubscribe from your crappy list. Either take my name off your propaganda bullsh*t, or send me a link so I can do it myself.

At least they censored their own response, I guess that makes it less abrasive.

Rockford Art Deli took the message sent to them and turned it into a way to promote their newsletters. This is so great.

Play nice, be kind and remember to subscribe to our newsletter.

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