Urban Dictionary is a website that has been providing a platform for people to share their own interpretations of words and phrases for over two decades now. It’s a place where creativity, humor, and slang collide to create definitions that are both hilarious and eye-opening.

For those unfamiliar with the website, it’s essentially a crowd-sourced dictionary where anyone can submit a definition for a word. It’s like a cross between a traditional dictionary and a platform for jokes and humor.


Absurd Submissions To Urban Dictionary

Some of the definitions on Urban Dictionary are so absurd that it’s hard to believe they were created by real people. For example, the definition for “unicorn” includes the phrase “magical horse with a horn on its head.” As if that weren’t funny enough, the site also features a definition for “love” that reads, “a warm feeling that makes you feel all tingly and stuff.”

But it’s not just the definitions themselves that are hilarious; it’s the way that people write them. For example, the definition for “office politics” includes the phrase “bored woman who will cause unwanted drama.”

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Urban Dictionary is also a great source of entertainment for those who enjoy observing the evolution of language. You can see how slang and colloquialisms change over time, as well as how different groups of people use language in different ways.


Hilarious Description of Illinois on Urban Dictionary

Someone left their interpretation of Illinois and it is too good to ignore. Ordinarily, you would have to browse a bunch of pages to find this deep-cut review but I've done the work for you.

The universe's most boring state. I'm not exaggerating. You can hardly see the stars at night, thanks to almost being completely filled by all those darn dead trees.


Most of the population is old people,(people at or over the age of 50), and is so freakin' boring, similar to the Fields Of Asphodel from Greek mythology.


It has a wilder temperature range than Mercury, from -30 in the winter to nearly 100 degrees in the summer.


That is my depressing review of Illinois. I think I'm going crazy from cabin fever, since it's about 95 degrees now, in September. I bet it'll snow tomorrow.

Bravo, well written. If you have a different description of Illinois you can submit it here.

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