Most of us remember the pride of graduation, that moment when you toss your cap in the air and step into the world with the grace and confidence of a squirrel on a caffeine high.

After years of late-night cramming, caffeine-fueled all-nighters, and battling the inexplicable urge to nap during the most riveting of lectures, you've finally done it – graduated.

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You’re ready to showcase your academic triumph to the world, and what better way to do that than by painting the word "graduated" in big, bold letters across the rear window of your car?


As you stand back to admire your handiwork, the feeling of accomplishment wells up inside you like a balloon at a birthday party, ready to pop with joy.

You toss your window paint into your trunk, jump in the driver's seat, and hit the road hoping for an unprovoked honk.

In your haste to let the world know about your intellectual feat, you've committed the ultimate blunder – you've proudly displayed the word "graduated" but without proofreading...

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Because of those 5 seconds you spared, you've turned your car into a moving billboard of linguistic irony, a testament to the fact that even after years of academia, spellcheck remains your mortal enemy.

Now you're wondering why passing motorists and pedestrians are glancing oddly at your car as you travel while smiling from ear to ear, without realizing you wrote "Gaduate" instead of "Graduate."

Seen in the Milwaukee area.
by u/jfqnd96 in wisconsin

This car was spotted in Milwaukee, Wisconsin-leaving all to wonder witch skool you gaduated frum?

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