Ever see something in an odd place and wonder if it's random or if there is some sort of hidden meaning? Maybe you noticed a porch light illuminating a color other than a basic plain LED white and wondered why. There's also the suspicious hidden meaning behind purple fence posts. If you see them within close proximity, you need to go the other way immediately.

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There's the opposite end of hidden meanings, but this I mean completely obvious things like solid color red signs indicating do not enter or signs with face masks encouraging visitors to put on a mask, usually in medical offices.

(I feel like this is where "I Saw The Sign" by Ace of Base should be playing in the background.)

There's a hidden meaning behind something pointed out on top of a structure in Rockford, Illinois that I have never heard of. It makes total sense though.

Whitney Martin via Facebook
Whitney Martin via Facebook

Rockford news journalist Whitney Martin shared this image today, taken from inside WTVO's newsroom on a screen displaying a camera shot of downtown. It's a tree on top of the structure that will be the city's new library once completed. How did it get there? What does it mean?

I've never seen this before but I've also never seen the top of too many high buildings during construction. The Opus Group has a simple explanation for this. (They're a commercial real estate development, construction, architecture, and structural engineering company.)

What is the significance of a tree on the top of a structure of a new building?

The trees are known as topping trees. They celebrate completion of the skeleton of a building structure.

It makes total sense. Now you have something to look for the next time you spot a multi-story building being constructed.

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