What is there not to love about a free shirt? Let's be very serious, we all get joy out of a free shirt from time to time. If you work in a type of business that involves you getting a lot of free shirts you way pass on a few, it's true. But, there are occasions when you might get excited about it.

This is one of those moments to be excited about.

Get A Free Baby Yoda Print At Rockford Art Deli Free This Weekend
Rockford Art Deli via Facebook

Rockford Art Deli is a beloved clothing shop that offers up free screen prints regularly in Illinois. The shirt pictured above is a design based on The Mandalorian, which is not a Netflix show. (So please don't bombard me with messages saying this article is wrong. Be patient.)

Rockford Art Deli
Rockford Art Deli via Facebook

Rockford Art Deli, also known as RAD, creates quite the buzz in town when the words "free print day" and the name of the shop are used in the same sentence. There are a few reasons why, too.

RAD offers unique screen prints on shirts customers bring into the store and they also sell a limited quantity of plain shirts for just $10. You can't even get that kind of deal on Amazon. Go ahead and search, I dare you.

Rockford Art Deli is celebrating the return of Netflix's most-watched show in 2019. What show is it?

If you know your pop culture you know the answer is Stranger Things.

I may be going on a limb but this might be my favorite print in all of RAD's prints and I'm not even a big fan of the show.

Rockford Art Deli
Rockford Art Deli

RAD dropped this surprise with a few important notes:

Free Print Day: June 18

Pre-ordering is available through June 12.

$10 blanks for sale in limited sizes, colors, and quantities, at the event.

Ink on Free Print Day will be black, so choose your shirt color accordingly.

The ONLY way to get red ink is to pre-order!

Everything you need to know, and to pre-order, can be found here.

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