Apparently Doing This in Public is Just as Contagious as Yawning
I think one of life's funniest phenomenons is the fact that yawns are undeniably contagious.
I have NO idea why. But, that's what the internet is for!
I'll never forget when I was in elementary school and we all got to the age where we realized just how contagious they are...
This Wisconsin City is One of 2021’s Happiest Cities in America
The COVID-19 pandemic has really affected people's mental health this past year.
A new study took a look at the happiest states in the US. After the year we've had, maybe you're looking to move somewhere new. If you're in the market for a city with some good vibes, this list might…
Wisconsin Named One of The Best States For Women in 2021
Is it all the beer and cheese they've got?
A new survey came out that named the best states for women in 2021. Wisconsin made the top ten list coming in at #9! Here's the top ten best states for women according to WalletHub -

North Dakota
District of Columbia
Did Illinois & Wisconsin Miss Going to Bars or Gyms More in 2020?
2020 - the year we realized just how good we really had it. From going to the gym whenever you'd like, to being able to meet your friends for a drink after work, the way we lived our life got flipped upside down. Those every day activities slowly but surely were shut down in 2020 and it made us real…

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