As the year comes to an end we are going to get a lot of lists and studies that come out revealing each state's favorite and least favorite things. But some of these lists are actually interesting because it shows you what other people are up to when they aren't at work or what other people in your state are doing that might be similar to your hobbies. A new study shows each state's favorite Netflix show of 2022 and Illinois' favorite show makes a lot of sense.

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How To Find Out Each State's Favorite Netflix Show

In order to determine each state's favorite Netflix show that they binged in 2022, the website used everyone's favorite tool, Google Trends. There they identified the most-searched-for Netflix shows in each state.

A TV emblazoned with the Netflix logo
loading... said they filtered by the term 'Netflix', by state, and by timeframe (2022), to get a picture of the most popular shows. We know there have been some very trendy and award-nominated shows released on Netflix this year but some shows were definitely major standouts to others.

Illinois' Favorite Netflix Show Of 2022

If you couldn't tell by the featured image of this article or you haven't seen the show and don't know who that person is, Illinois' top Netflix show of 2022 is Wednesday.

World Premiere Of Netflix's "Wednesday" - Arrivals
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Starring Jenna Ortega, Gwendoline Christie, Emma Myers, Christina Ricci, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Luis Guzmán, this remake by Tim Burton has gone viral on social media platforms, especially Ortega's dance scene as she plays Wednesday Addams.

What Were The Other States' Most Popular Shows?

Surprisingly Wednesday was not the most popular show across the board. found that the Netflix show Peaky Blinders was the most popular show in America with 14 states claiming it as their favorite.

The range of favorite shows is incredible the more you look at this map. All we know is that Netflix really did an awesome job with shows this year and we expect the same thing in 2023.

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