During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people were laid off from their jobs. As time progressed, many people were leaving their jobs for many reasons, including lack of pay or what they felt was unfair pay for the work they were doing. In 2022, people are still leaving their jobs. In some states, people are resigning from their positions more than others. A new study has shown that Illinois has a low resignation rate and Iowa isn't far behind.

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A new study from our friends at WalletHub has come out giving us the list of 2022's States With the Highest Job Resignation Rates. In order to rank the states and the District of Columbia, WalletHub considered the rate at which people quit their jobs in both the latest month and the last 12 months.

  • Resignation Rate (Latest Month): Double Weight (~66.67 Points)
  • Resignation Rate (Last 12 Months): Full Weight (~33.33 Points)

WalletHub then used these metrics to rank-order the resignation rates from highest to lowest giving us 2022's States With the Highest Job Resignation Rates. Looking at the two states that make up the Quad Cities, Illinois and Iowa are low on this list (a good thing), but Illinois is really towards the bottom.

Source: WalletHub

According to WalletHub, the Quad Cities area has some of the least job resignation rates in the country thanks to Illinois and Iowa.

Illinois was named the 44th state with the highest resignation rate, or the 8th state with the least resignation rate. Here are statistics about Illinois and people quitting their jobs:

  • Resignation Rate (Latest Month): 2.50%
  • Resignation Rate (Last 12 Months): 2.70%

Iowa isn't fair behind its neighboring state. Iowa was named the 34th state with the highest resignation rate, or the 18th state with the least resignation rate. Here are statistics about Iowa and people quitting their jobs:

  • Resignation Rate (Latest Month): 2.90%
  • Resignation Rate (Last 12 Months): 2.69%

People in Iowa and Illinois really like their jobs!

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